An Unparalleled Force in Australia’s Media Landscape

Tammi Faraday is an unapologetically intelligent and compassionately driven voice that cuts through the noise. Throughout Tammi’s career, she has fearlessly challenged the status quo, delivering sharp and compelling insights that leave an indelible mark on hearts and minds across the world.

With Tammi, blind conformity is shattered and critical thinking reigns supreme. No topic is off-limits.

With an unwavering commitment to truth and decency, Tammi stands as a beacon of integrity, providing a refreshing alternative to much of the global gaslighting of Legacy Media.

Tammi challenges, enlightens and inspires through thought-provoking, honest and human-centred journalism & storytelling.

She is a source of hope, humanity and fearless authenticity in an increasingly chaotic world.

Tammi in conversation with Dennis Prager

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BRAVE JOURNEYS™ is a profound exploration of resilience and the human spirit.

With a heart full of compassionate curiosity, Tammi fearlessly delves into the depths of her guests’ remarkable life journeys. Through reciprocal candor and an abundance of vulnerability, she uncovers the hidden gems of resilience and strength that lie within each individual’s story. Prepare to be captivated as Tammi gently unravels the tapestry of their experiences, revealing the transformative power of embracing life’s challenges.

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“Tam(mi), are you sure you’re not the love child of Oprah & Barbara Walters?  Enough said.  You’re pure gold!!! This is pure heaven.  I’ve been a podcast listener forever, but it simply doesn’t get better than this!!!”

“BRAVE JOURNEYS enriches my life as a human and enhances my knowledge as a therapist of others and how others navigate their lives with unfathomable challenges. Please keep podding and posting and adding more value & light to our society.”

“Each time I listen to one of your podcasts, I’m blown away by your professional, yet direct way of questioning your guests, where you get incredible responses which come from their core… Thank you for your research and for finding such profound content to present.”

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“Having the privilege to attend BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE … with TAMMI FARADAY was like being in a live studio audience of the BEST interview show in the world… but with no commercials. It was utterly magnificent. Every single person in the sold out crowd was completely mesmerised, hanging on every word.”

“You are one amazing lady, Tam.  I knew  BRAVE JOURNEYS™  … with TAMMI FARADAY is the best podcast I have ever heard.  But to see you live on stage… well, that is something else.”

“Thank you for the brilliant interview dear Tam!  You’re the best!!!  With love and appreciation, [Dr] Kylie [Moore-Gilbert], Author of The Uncaged Sky: My 804 Days in an Iranian Prison (shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year).”