Tammi is an acclaimed Australian broadcaster, investigative journalist, lawyer, documentary filmmaker, mental health advocate and podcaster. Her heartfelt, compelling and deeply personal interviews have captivated audiences worldwide.

Tammi has spent nearly two decades unearthing the most compelling stories from every corner of the globe.

Tammi’s unique blend of abundant empathy, lived experience, curiosity and keen intellect, allows her to delve deep into the lives of her guests, uncovering the raw emotions and untold narratives that lie beneath the surface. Her interviews are transformative, leaving a lasting impact on both the interviewees and the global listening audience.

Tammi’s unyielding passion for delving into the depths of the human experience and showcasing the extraordinary resilience of ordinary individuals has led her to create, host & executive produce the widely adored podcast, BRAVE JOURNEYS with TAMMI FARADAY™. Garnering a stellar FIVE STAR rating on Apple Podcasts, this internationally beloved show is currently in its sixth season and ranks among the top 2% of the most popular podcasts worldwide.

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“Tam is a shining light. She is a passionate human being with whom it’s a joy to be connected with. As a mum, lawyer, and journalist who has had a fascinating journey, Tam has life experience that deepens her conversations. For her storytelling, our community is richer.”

Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM

“You’re a powerhouse of LOVE. We need billions of you.”

“What is it about Tam Faraday that she has the insight, courage, curiosity to invite great vulnerability from all her new friends/guests. Last episode of Season 5 with Delia Ephron is bloody marvellous!!!”

“The world needs more empathy, compassion, dialogue, and understanding. Your program is the tip of the spear, on the frontlines tackling difficult conversations. Its truly meaningful to have been a guest on BRAVE JOURNEYS and a blessing our paths have crossed my new friend. I look forward to joining you on that stage somewhere around the world one day. Please keep up the amazing efforts Tam, the world needs more compassionate and kind hearted people like yourself. In service to Humanity.

Jeff Schoep – Radical to Redemption

“OMG Tam, each time I listen to one of your podcasts, I’m blown away by your professional, yet direct way of questioning your guests, where you get incredible responses which come from their core. My mind is still spinning after Jeff Schoep’s interview (Season 5) … The way you championed him and supported his journey goes beyond and we all have a lot to learn from your ability to forgive and move on. Thank youf or your research and for finding such profound content to present.”

“You need to know how much an impact BRAVE JOURNEYS is having. I have a very dear friend who is going through an awful divorce from a cheating husband. Your episode with Jen Waite (Season 3) sounded EXACTLY like her story, so I shared it with her, as I wanted her to know she’s not alone. She said that podcast was the greatest gift. She wanted me to pass on her deepest gratitude.”

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