Tammi Faraday is many things.
One thing she’s not and has never been, is a bystander.

Israel Positivity Influencer List


“Tam that was absolutely masterful. You navigated everything with exactly the right insight and tone. Such a brilliant conversation. You are a gem.”

“Amazing @Tamfaraday.
You are a star.”

“I actually can’t get over how brilliantly you handled that interview. I could not have dreamed up a better, more graceful, eloquent and intelligent interviewer.”

“Thank you for being a much needed voice of compassion and reason.”

“OMG love love love it. Expertly crafted and guided by you, as always!!! Eve (Barlow) was the most human/softest I’ve ever seen her in this interview with you.”

“Amazing Tam, just amazing! How you walk that line between impassioned yet so rational and completely factual. What a talent.”

Tammi was recently named one of The Social Blueprint’s Top Media Israel Positivity Influencers in 2023