in conversation with
Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert



in conversation with
Dr Mark Cross aka The Anxious Shrink


Tam Faraday is an acclaimed Keynote Speaker, Broadcaster, Filmmaker, Content Director, Mental Health Advocate & (recovering) Lawyer whose podcast, BRAVE JOURNEYS™  … with TAMMI FARADAY, has wowed & mesmerised audiences around the world.

Tam is renowned for bringing BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE  … with TAMMI FARADAY  to the stage at Conferences & Events. Tam works regularly in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and is able to travel further for speaking engagements subject to her availability.  Tam’s also celebrated for her inspirational, heartfelt & compelling keynote presentations.  Her signature cackle is just an added bonus …

“Thank you Tam for being such a warm and inclusive, precious human being.

Annie Whitlocke The Death Doula

(Season 5)

“Your inquisitive, yet sincere interviewing is a joy to listen to.”

“It’s exactly the sort of content people need to hear right now! It’s raw and real and inspiring.”

“This is an amazing session this morning with Tammi M Faraday and Dr Mark Cross.”

“Listening ‘n lovin the convo…”


Wow just wow!!!”


“Tam, I listened to our conversation yesterday and loved it! You did an exceptional job. The focus on intuition was spot on and you pulled that theme through our conversation beautifully. I love that we laughed, a true sign of moving out of pain into gratitude for the lessons learned. Thanks so much, truly.”

“You have mesmerised me with your podcast.”

“Absolutely brilliant.”

“This was an extraordinary conversation with Kirra Pendergast. I have shared the link far and wide! Thank you for sharing these stories.”


“I listened yesterday and could not stop for a second, parked my car and stayed in it until the end as it was so emotional and inspirational! Congratulations Tammi!”


“I look forward to Thursdays for the new episode of BRAVE JOURNEYS to drop.  Clever, inspiring and raw.  Tammi Faraday is magic.  If you haven’t listened yet, what the hell are you waiting for?”


“Tam & Mark (aka Dr Mark Cross, The Anxious Shrink), this was a session that changed peoples’ thinking about anxiety and themselves. You brought down barriers and made mental health an everyday problem affecting most of us (by the sea of hands)….”

“Have just listened to the first two episodes of your 3rd season with such a huge lump in my throat. Aside from their powerful & poignant stories, you are a genius at giving your guests space to share.  Tammi – YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS!!! I’m in awe.”

“Thank you for all your warmth, generosity and smarts! Thank you again for asking me to be part of your amazing series and journey. It was an honour.”


“Thank you for showing the light that is kindness and compassion. Even in the darkness of Covid it shines”


“It simply doesn’t get better than this!!!”

“I listened to the podcast last night.  I loved it.  Your professionalism, research, and commitment to journalism made this one of the best interviews I’ve ever given.  It was obvious that you had read both my books closely, and your experience with abuse dynamics informed every question.  Anyone listening can feel how much we trust and respect each other.  Thank you SO MUCH.”

“Not just beautiful, but ever so talented.”

Fantastic opening plenary by @tamfaraday  and @DrMCross  on understanding #anxiety, #stigma and the role of #livedexperience.

“Such a pleasure to chat with my dear friend Tammi M Faraday as a guest on her wonderful new podcast BRAVE JOURNEYS. We covered a fair bit of ground in this one! Hope you enjoy.”


“Thank you for the brilliant interview dear Tam!  You’re the best!!!  With love and appreciation, [Dr] Kylie [Moore-Gilbert], Author of The Uncaged Sky: My 804 Days in an Iranian Prison (shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year).”

“I know you warned us …crying from your last podcast.  You’re amazing!!!”

“Well that was just wonderful.  Tam I want to thank you for your kind words and thoughtful questions.  I’m so impressed with how much research you’d so obviously done.  Your interview style is incredible too.  It actually reminds me of Oprah’s.  You came prepared but listened!  That’s super important and why we had such a fantastic chat.  I’m so grateful to have met you and feel like I have a beautiful new friend

“What an interview! Wow! Superb! You are magnificent! She (Gretchen Carlson) is amazing!”

Gripping episode Tam. The power of naming something and the relief of validation. Wow.”

Phenomenal as always”

“Tam, you’re such an amazing, inspiring and gorgeous woman!”


“Jono is incredible. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and my poor family had to wait 30 mins for dinner because I couldn’t stop listening. Great to have you back 🙂 Amazing start to the season. ❤️

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciated this in-depth interview and how powerful it was for me to listen to you explore, really explore what I’ve experienced in my life. It was like a brilliant surgeon delicately opened my heart once again to what all I have experienced. So beautifully done. Thank you!”

“I would like to express my gratitude to Tammi for exploring this very important topic and for being such a wonderful ally to donor conceived people. Tam – you totally get it!”

“I live my life these days buried in podcasts. This afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of listening to your first episode. I loved it! Your interview… was so eloquent and sensitive, your skills were up there with the best.”

Big fan of your BRAVE JOURNEYS podcast.  Your way of interviewing makes me feel like I’m just listening to a background conversation between two people sitting on the couch having a chat.”


Outstanding!!!!! Love every minute.  Superb! x”


BRAVE JOURNEYS is the best thing to have  happened to 2020!!! Tammi (and every single one of your guests), are a pure gift.”

Best podcast I have ever listened to!”

“Wow Tammi! I finally got a chance to listen to an episode, and you were BORN to do this!!!”


“Tam(mi), are you sure you’re not the love child of Oprah & Barbara Walters?  Enough said.  You’re pure gold!!! This is pure heaven.  I’ve been a podcast listener forever, but it simply doesn’t get better than this!!!”


Congratulations on a brilliant season of a brilliant show that is making a difference in the world”

“Thanks for your great questions and time to answer them.”


“This was the most exceptional interview I have ever heard.  Nicole’s bravery is so humbling & the way Tammi navigated her journey was unbelievably compassionate and inspired.  We need to hear these stories.”

“The number of times your guests comment on what great questions you are asking is incredible.  I just love your style and love listening to every single episode

“This was a captivating journey. Thank you both for sharing ❤️.”

“I so enjoyed our chat yesterday. Thank you again for promoting love and acceptance – you are truly are an incredible woman.”

Hillary Whittington

OMG!  That last episode did me in!  I never heard the warning to have tissues at the ready… I was sobbing!  You just got right to the heart of it and asked her the most amazing questions.  I am still sitting here blown away.  What an awesome interview.”

“So powerful.

“Wonderful wonderful interview! Tam, you are so gifted!”

“No doubt you are well aware of what a great success last night was!  Your conversation with Dr Gilbert fascinating & very moving.  She obviously felt so comfortable with you.”

“I’ve been listening to your show and I’m finding it so compelling… You’re an incredible presenter and I look forward each week to the next episode! I’ve never written to a podcaster before, however your episode with Gabbie Stroud, really resonated with me as my daughter who has some special needs is beyond fortunate enough to have a teacher just like Gabbie at her school this year. Thank you for this podcast!”

Tammi Faraday creates such a safe, comfortable space with empathy, insight, and humour. One can’t help but love the natural way she draws out those who share their stories with such gentle care. I’ve learned so much from these Brave Journey interviews and look forward to more.

“So grateful that your guests have someone like you to talk to.”

“I listened to the podcast episode you did with Annie (Whitlocke), and I just wanted to reach out and say how special it was to listen to. You have a genuine warmth and care which was so glaringly obvious while listening, it was just beautiful and I was completely enthralled for the whole podcast. You so clearly love what you do. And by the way, your laugh is contagious ☀️ Thankyou 🥰”

Brilliant and eye opening

“A must listen! Fantastic listen!”

Best podcast!!”


“One of the most genuine people in broadcasting deserves success.”


“When Tam asked me to do this podcast in 2022, I felt a bit anxious. “Oh goodness what will she ask me?”   “What if I don’t have the best response?”  Tam assured me it would just be an easy going conversation. She was right … Tam smoothly guided me with her professional & warm manner. I soon fell under her spell. It was such an engaging conversation where Tam shared stories of her life, her curiosity, her opinions, her perceptions. This meant a lot to me. I have now listened to ALL of her episodes and am humbled to be in such fine company.  Thank you Tam and may you live long and podcast like you do for a long long time.”

Annie Whitlocke

The Death Doula

“Tammi Michelle Faraday thank you! Just finished listening to it (Hillary Whittington episode – Season 5) and you were so kind and gracious!!  And Hillary was as inspiring & insightful as always!  I really wish more interviewers were as nice and as open hearted as you! Loved it!!!”

“If there’s one podcast you have to listen to today it HAS to be this one – beyond incredible!!!!

“Our conversation on BRAVE JOURNEYS is one of my favorites. The way you shared my story was so captivating, I remember feeling so nervous and you  put me completely at ease.”

Kate Nason – Everything’s NOT Perfect

(Season 4)

“Tammi M Faraday hosts an incredibly important discussion with Kirra Pendergast about bullying and cyber safety – applicable to adults and children alike. An honest and candid conversation not to be missed! Get into the BRAVE JOURNEYS podcast!”


“I’ve been listening to your podcasts over the past few weeks. One of the highlights of my week. Great just to hear the sound of your voice, and your incredible laugh!!!”

“Thank you for providing edgy, worthwhile and intelligent listening!!!”

“Thank you Tam so much for your kindness, compassion and being so understanding.  Your outlook on life and your mission of BRAVE JOURNEYS speaks for itself. Truly honoured to connect with you … I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you to even have a conversation with someone who used to believe the horrible things I once believed.  You really are an amazing lady!!!

Jeff Schoep  Once described as ‘the most famous Nazi in America’ who has completely & publicly renounced that vile ideology and now devotes his life to promoting tolerance and harmony & is a consultant to Simon Wiesenthal Center (Season 5)


“Hi Gorgeous Tam, I absolutely love it 😍 Thank you so much xx  Your questions are so thoughtful and the way you listen bought out the best in me. You have such a wonderful gift.”

“WOW.  I just listened to your interview with Dr Michelle Stevens.  Your skills as an interviewer are outstanding – with your kindness, respectful manner & empathy shining through.  The work you are doing is so necessary & empowering.”

“If you haven’t heard Fred Guttenberg  speak with Tam Faraday on her podcast  BRAVE JOURNEYS – please, please find the time to do so. Heartbreak. Inspiration. Enlightenment. Purpose. Perspective.”


“I’m out on a run and am in tears listening to your podcast with Jono Lancaster.  What an amazing man.

“Absolutely enthralling. Highly recommend. Looking forward to the next episodes.”

“A recent podcast I did with the incredibly insightful, kind, and lovingTammi Michelle Faraday from her show #BraveJourneysPodcast out of #Austrailia. I am always a little hesitant to say “yes” to certain interviews, but I realized right away Tam had a heart of gold and genuine intentions of sharing our journey with her audience. I always try to speak from my own perspective and hope never to offend or overstep my boundaries. I really enjoyed the time getting to know Tam and appreciate the opportunity to reflect on my life. Thank you again Tam for opening your heart to our family. #RaisingRyland

Hillary Whittington – Raising Ryland

(Season 5)

Amazing podcast!  Thank you for this wonderful podcast. Your interviews are so fascinating and impactful. I look forward to every episode!”

“You were both so generous & strong in sharing your vulnerability. Thanks Tam & Mark (aka Dr Mark Cross, The Anxious Shrink)!”

“Love your podcast….your beautiful, wise soul pilots each episode with compassion, insight and love.”


“I came toBRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE  … with TAMMI FARADAY last night with Dr Kylie Gilbert Moore and I have to say your interviewing style and the way you engaged with Kylie and had the audience completely mesmerised, is incredible. Your voice and tone is so soothing, and you’re so kind and compassionate. I imagine it’s so therapeutic for people to share their story with you especially!”

Tammi Michelle Faraday thankyou! You were so kind and gracious! And Hillary (Whittington – Season 5) was as inspiring & insightful as always! I really wish more interviewers were as open hearted as you! Loved it!!”

“What a magnificent job you did with our chat… I cried a few times in the telling of our stories.  I’m so grateful for this podcast Tam, talking with you was like a free therapy session.”

Annie Whitlocke – The Death Doula

(Season 5)

“Another fabulous podcast by the incredible Tammi Michelle Faraday!!”


“Tam, this was a session that changed people’s thinking about anxiety and themselves.  You brought down barriers and made mental health an everyday problem affecting most of us (by the sea of hands).  Thank you.”

“Another thoroughly difficult but thoroughly enjoyable episode. Well done.”

“Thanks so much for sharing with us. LOVED your session.”

“Thank you again for having me and helping to share our story.  It was truly an honour.  I can’t wait to share our conversation.”

Tammi! I’ve just listened to your first podcast. Wow! It blew me away.  How amazing! You’re so incredibly eloquent and easy to listen to. I’m telling all of my friends to listen!”

“Dear Tam – Thank you for being such a serious interviewer.”

Professor Jessica Stern Research Professor, Pardee School of Global Studies, BU, Senior Fellow Harvard School of Public Health (Season 5)

“So lovely to meet you …. I’m awed by all you’re able to do and the wonderful stories you bring to life on your podcast. Thank you for having me as a guest.”


“I was trying to find a way to express how truly kind, funny, deep and cluey you are and thought I would use this from now on to bless others…… May you be Tamified… 🙏 Because you make every one feel so comfortable, heard, that their stories are beyond important and they make the world a better place. I rarely use the word love but these words come from that strange weird place of love. Peace and Love, Annie”

Annie Whitlocke – The Death Doula

(Season 5)

” Tam, you are such a talented podcaster with a very easy interview style.. the best! I am honored you selected me.”

“Tammi this is seriously special. Very humbling and your questions are always full of sensitivity. Thank you x”

“Not sure where you’ve come from Tam Faraday, but this show is just incredible!!! Every story is so unique and inspiring.  But its the rapport you have with each and every one of your guests that makes listening to each episode, truly magical.  Just wow!!!”


“You were really outstanding this evening, super impressive…how fantastic are you!!!”

“Stop producing these amazing podcasts and I’ll stop bombarding you xx.  This podcast… came to me as a gift. I really want to tell you how much I appreciate it . And your authenticity.

“Just listened to your podcast with Annie Whitlocke. Annie is one of my biggest heroes, and no one has ever captured her warmth and wisdom the way you did. Thank you!!!”

“It was so great to talk. Thank you for your insightful reading of my book and your wonderful questions.

“Tammi, you are phenomenal.”

“I am listening now and I am crying all over again! I cannot thank you enough…you are an incredible host, extremely insightful, and a wonderful human. You inspire me so much!!”

Hiilary Whittington (Season 5)

Fantastic Tam, love your work!”


“Tammi is an amazing interviewer who gives space to listen to the most incredible guests.”

“You are saving more kids than you might even know by giving a platform to our stories.”

“Absolutely incredible and inspiring.  The episode with Dr Michelle Stevens spoke to me on so many levels.”

“Thanks for making my morning!  Just been out walking, listening to Leslie Morgan Steiner.  Incredible!!!”

“It was an honor to be invited to the BRAVE JOURNEYS podcast this week!”

“Your podcasts are brilliant!”

“Oh wow. What an intense and fascinating experience — to be interviewed by an Australian journalist who knows me better than I know myselfThank you Tammi Michelle Faraday from the bottom of my heart.”

“Nooo the season is over too quickly. Thank you for each and every one of the stories. Interviewed with such compassion, empathy and courage.”


“If you haven’t yet started listening to the amazing and wonderful Tammi Michelle Faraday weekly podcast then you are missing out. You will laugh, you will cry… what more does anyone want in a day ??!!”


“Most favourite podcast interview I have EVER done!”

“Loving listening while walking! I’m often crying or laughing out loud forgetting I’m in public! Thank you!!!”


“Dear Tammi,  I am in awe of how insightful, articulate and empathetic you are. The research you did was meticulous and your skills as an interviewer are second to none.  Thank you for giving so much of your time and expertise.”

“You are an angel Tam. Bravo you!  You’re a force of nature!!”

“Loving your podcast Tammi on my walks. …Tammi I love your interview style, your rich language, and your non-judgmental, supportive approach to even the toughest of topics. I look forward to each new episode.”


How do you find such amazing people to interview and you ask such delving questions with genuine interest enabling us to ponder our own lives. Thank you for this podcast. I have told many others to listen 🙏

“I can’t help but think how powerful, helpful and so significant this talk with Hillary (Whittington) was and will be for parents, carers and guardians of our precious children who are living in a body that does not match their mind. Mismatched, outwardly one identity and inwardly another identity.. Hillary’s story of her sad, uplifting, and preparedness to sacrifice all so that her son can live his chosen life. is a huge and powerful wake up to us all. Thank you Hillary and Tam.”

“Tam, thank you so much for spending the time to talk after your wonderful presentation at the conference a few days ago. You are an inspiration!”

“One of my most favourite podcast interviews ever! Thanks Brave Journeys Podcast with Tammi Faraday🙌🏼💛 Enjoy her Aussie accent y’all.”

“Tammi, I really love the podcast Tam.  There is nothing like it … Bring on Thursdays.”

“I told you it was fantastic!”


OMG! I used to know her!”


“Tam, what an amazing job you do!!!

“Thank you for doing what you do!  For bringing light and courage to your listeners.”

“I just listened to Gretchen’s episode.  AMAZING!”

“Thank you, to the loveliest podcast host EVER ❤️”

“It was lovely to speak with you Tam!”

Gretchen Carlson (Award-winning former Fox News anchor, violin prodigy & Miss America 1989) – Being Fierce

(Season 5)

“What a sensational evening.”

“Podcast with Asher Packman.  A mesmerising conversation.  Digs deep into the strength of the human spirit.”

“Honestly, the most beautiful, heartwarming podcast I have ever heard.”

“I just finished listening to this podcast and I am so in awe of Sabrina (Butler Smith). Hearing about the absolute horrors she’s lived through and the suffering she was forced into leaves me with no words. Sabrina, the strength you must have to be able to speak about the unspeakable is so incredibly inspiring. You are truly amazing. Thank you Tammi and Sabrina for putting something this powerful out into the world.”


“I have listened to every episode of BRAVE JOURNEYS and I have loved every single one! You are an amazing interviewer and I am astounded every episode how deeply you know the subject and the intricate nuances of their lives.  Can’t wait for the new Season”

“Tam, your warmth and compassion were visceral and you brought out the essence of a beautiful human being.”


“I’m listening now! Even though it’s my story, I can’t stop listening 🤣🤣🤣 you are an incredible storyteller! Thank you for having me on 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻”

“12 minutes in and I’m bawling like a baby”

“I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit in you that I haven’t found in any “real life, physical in the room, meet for coffee or a hug” friends …. Hope that doesn’t sound odd…. Just sharing :-)”

“Tam – YOUR podcast!!! You justamaze me with your insight, sensitivity and generous compassion!!!”

“Thank you so much for having me and giving us a space to share our story!”

“Having the privilege to attend BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE  … with TAMMI FARADAYwas like being in a live studio audience of the BEST interview show in the world… but with no commercials.  It was utterly magnificent.  Every single person in the sold out crowd was completely mesmerised, hanging on every word.”

“She’s back and better than ever.”

“Thanks so much Tam. Was wonderful speaking with you.”

Adam Frankel  (Former Speechwriter for President Barack Obama – Family Secrets

 (Season 5)

Excellent episode once again!!!”


“Wow wow… last night was spectacular.”

“Just listened to the podcast. Beyond awesome… inspirational, heartbreaking and infuriating all at the same time. I felt like I was holding my breath throughout the interview. Thank you for sharing this story with the world! A brave journey indeed!”


“A brilliant session!”

“Tammi so thoughtfully and articulately navigates the most delicate and sensitive topics. It feels like chatting over the dinner table but with people you’ll never have the good fortune to meet.”


“I just listened to your Podcast with Clive Stafford-Smith. It was an emotional roller-coaster.  Well presented. I have admired Clive for what he has done since the documentary ’14 days in May’. Very well done and I will listen to future Podcasts from you and tell my friends about you.”


“OMG! I just listened to Dr Michelle Stevens’ story. I have no words…”

Loving all 3 seasons of Brave Journeys. Tammi is an insightful, sensitive and a brilliant interviewer and introduces fascinating people and stories.

“An amazing experience to be in the audience of BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE  … with TAMMI FARADAYThank you!!!”

“Thank you Tam. I listened and you are so good at your job. xoxo”


“I’m inaweof howdeeply researchedthe interviews are and how you know what to ask and how personal you get with your guests to elicit such genuine and raw responses.  The guests themselves tell you how brilliant you are the interviews too!

“I haven’t missed an episode.  I feel its a privilege to listen to people’s life stories and it constantly reduces me to tears.  The skill in the manner you conduct your interviews and empathy you convey is truly admirable.”

“It was so great to talk. Thank you for your insightful reading of my book and your wonderful questions

“I have listened to every episode from all 3 seasons and I have loved every single one!  You are an amazing interviewer and I am astounded every episode at just how deeply you know the subject and the intricate nuances of their lives.  I love your laugh and most importantly, I want someone to interview you!!! Can’t wait for Season 4!”

“This podcast warms my heart. Thank you for sharing such beautiful stories amidst global discouragement.”



“What incredible podcasts!  You really speak to amazing humans.  Kudos to you!  You are amazing at what you do!”

“Thank you, Tam! It was simply lovely. I appreciated every minute. We shall meet one day on one continent or another.”

Delia Ephron – (Hollywood royalty, New York Times bestselling author, screenwriter & playwright) – Second Chance at Life & Love

Season 5

I have no words!!!  How much can one person possibly endure – what a privilege to hear you share her remarkable story.”

“What an amazing epsiode.”


“I enjoyed every minute.”

“Tammi Faraday is one of the most articulate and soulful human beings that I have listened to.  Her command of the English language and her ability to engage others is amazing.  Her empathy, compassion and rawness just exudes her when she speaks to the most unbelievable people with the most unbelievable stories of their lives.  It’s a treat to listen to her.  One of my most favourite things about Tammi is her signature “cackle”!  You gotta tune in and listen to her.  It’s a real treat!  We want to hear more of her!”


“We were excited to be part of the launch of Pacifica Congress and support their conference.  The Pacifica Congress is a not-for-profit member-based organisation helping children & their families overcome the harm caused by family conflict. The theme of the conference was “Let’s Hear it for the Kids: Challenges and the Way Forward in Family Law” which raised some fantastic and thought-provoking conversations. We were thrilled to be a sponsor of this year’s event which included BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE on stage with keynote speakers Tammi M Faraday & Dr Mark Cross.”

“I absolutely love your podcast!! Each episode is so profound and touching. I’m a huge fan!!”

“This podcast came to me as a gift. I really want to tell you how much I appreciate it and your authenticity.

“Look forward to many interviews by Tammi Faraday!!  You are brilliant!!!

“Oh my Tam!!!  Your language is so eloquent and you ask the most penetrative questions with such compassion, humour and honesty – you can actually tell how connected you become [with your guests].  Anyway, just want to say you are AMAZING!!!”

“It was a real, raw, open and honest conversation that took its own beautiful course.”

“I am in awe of the way you conduct your interviews.”


“This episode was powerful & so emotional to listen to. Well done!!!”

“You are one amazing lady, Tam.  I knew  BRAVE JOURNEYS™  … with TAMMI FARADAY is the best podcast I have ever heard.  But to see you live on stage… well, that is something else.”

“Wow I am amazed.  Tammi, You are inspirational and incredible.”

“Love your interviews.  One of my favourite podcasts to listen to!!!”

“Tam, you are so brilliant.  Your compassion, empathy and understanding is what makes this show so beautiful.”

“Thank you Tam, I’m honoured you chose me as your guest, I had to be ‘brave’ but am grateful.”


Tammi Faraday creates such a safe, comfortable space with empathy, insight, and humour. One can’t help but love the natural way she draws out those who share their stories with such gentle care. I’ve learned so much from these BRAVE JOURNEYS interviews and look forward to more. Season 5 is already proving to be 5 stars!

I absolutely love your podcast. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you put in to bring your listeners this kind of beautiful inspiration.”

“Well done on the success of the podcast. I listened to the last one over the weekend. Excellent👌

“I just listened to episode 1 (Season 4) last night and was just weeping.  Such a gift

“Every podcast with you is like group therapy… yours is the only podcast I make time to listen to between my rapid race through life with an overcharged career and 5 gorgeous challenging kids… thank you!!! You’re amazing and I feel like I’m meeting with a real friend … who somehow penetrated into my limited inner circle of people  who I choose to and prioritise to spend time with.”


“This was the most exceptional interview I have ever heard… the way Tammi navigated her journey was unbelievably compassionate and inspired.  We need to hear these stories and we need to champion & support these heroes.  I cannot wait until the next episode.”

“Your interviews are just so incredibly special.  The empathy, trust, warmth & love you brings puts everyone at ease.  It’s truly inspiring seeing you do what you so clearly love.”

“I just listened to this podcast. It was so good!  I want to be Tammi’s friend.”


“What a gift!!! Best podcast ever!!!!”

“I LOVED every minute.”

Brilliant and eye opening”

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