“So lovely to meet you …. I’m awed by all you’re able to do and the wonderful stories you bring to life on your podcast. Thank you for having me as a guest.”


“Tam, you’re such an amazing, inspiring and gorgeous woman!”


“Tammi Faraday is one of the most articulate and soulful human beings that I have listened to.  Her command of the English language and her ability to engage others is amazing.  Her empathy, compassion and rawness just exudes her when she speaks to the most unbelievable people with the most unbelievable stories of their lives.  It’s a treat to listen to her.  One of my most favourite things about Tammi is her signature “cackle”!  You gotta tune in and listen to her.  It’s a real treat!  We want to hear more of her!”


“Such a pleasure to chat with my dear friend Tammi M Faraday as a guest on her wonderful new podcast BRAVE JOURNEYS. We covered a fair bit of ground in this one! Hope you enjoy.”


“It simply doesn’t get better than this!!!”

OMG! I used to know her!”


“I live my life these days buried in podcasts. This afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of listening to your first episode. I loved it! Your interview… was so eloquent and sensitive, your skills were up there with the best.”

“Tammi so thoughtfully and articulately navigates the most delicate and sensitive topics. It feels like chatting over the dinner table but with people you’ll never have the good fortune to meet.”


“This episode was powerful & so emotional to listen to. Well done!!!”

BRAVE JOURNEYS is the best thing to havehappened to 2020!!! Tammi (and every single one of your guests), are a pure gift.”

Excellent episode once again!!!”


“Thanks for your great questions and time to answer them.”


Tammi! I’ve just listened to your first podcast. Wow! It blew me away.  How amazing! You’re so incredibly eloquent and easy to listen to. I’m telling all of my friends to listen!”

“Tam, your warmth and compassion were visceral  and you brought out the essence of a beautiful human being.”


“Podcast with Asher Packman.  A mesmerising conversation.  Digs deep into the strength of the human spirit.”

“Tammi M Faraday hosts an incredibly important discussion with Kirra Pendergast about bullying and cyber safety – applicable to adults and children alike. An honest and candid conversation not to be missed! Get into the BRAVE JOURNEYS podcast!”


“Absolutely enthralling. Highly recommend. Looking forward to the next episodes.”

“This was the most exceptional interview I have ever heard… the way Tammi navigated her journey was unbelievably compassionate and inspired.  We need to hear these stories and we need to champion & support these heroes.  I cannot wait until the next episode.”

“I just listened to this podcast. It was so good!  I want to be Tammi’s friend.”


“Just listened to the podcast. Beyond awesome… inspirational, heartbreaking and infuriating all at the same time. I felt like I was holding my breath throughout the interview. Thank you for sharing this story with the world! A brave journey indeed!”


“I told you it was fantastic!”


“Stop producing these amazing podcasts and I’ll stop bombarding you xx.  This podcast… came to me as a gift. I really want to tell you how much I appreciate it . And your authenticity.

“I’ve been listening to your show and I’m finding it so compelling… You’re an incredible presenter and I look forward each week to the next episode! I’ve never written to a podcaster before, however your episode with Gabbie Stroud, really resonated with me as my daughter who has some special needs is beyond fortunate enough to have a teacher just like Gabbie at her school this year. Thank you for this podcast!”

Wow just wow!!!”


“Tammi is an amazing interviewer who gives space to listen to the most incredible guests.”

“Wow I am amazed.  Tammi, You are inspirational and incredible.”

“I just listened to your Podcast with Clive Stafford-Smith. It was an emotional roller-coaster.  Well presented. I have admired Clive for what he has done since the documentary ’14 days in May’. Very well done and I will listen to future Podcasts from you and tell my friends about you.”


“One of the most genuine people in broadcasting deserves success.”


“Tam(mi), are you sure you’re not the love child of Oprah & Barbara Walters?  Enough said.  You’re pure gold!!! This is pure heaven.  I’ve been a podcast listener forever, but it simply doesn’t get better than this!!!”


Fantastic Tam, love your work!”


“Every podcast with you is like group therapy… yours is the only podcast I make time to listen to between my rapid race through life with an overcharged career and 5 gorgeous challenging kids… thank you!!! You’re amazing and I feel like I’m meeting with a real friend … who somehow penetrated into my limited inner circle of people  who I choose to and prioritise to spend time with.”


Big fan of your BRAVE JOURNEYS podcast.  Your way of interviewing makes me feel like I’m just listening to a background conversation between two people sitting on the couch having a chat.”


“Thank you Tam, I’m honoured you chose me as your guest, I had to be ‘brave’ but am grateful.”


“Thank you for showing the light that is kindness and compassion. Even in the darkness of Covid it shines.”


“I’m listening now! Even though it’s my story, I can’t stop listening 🤣🤣🤣 you are an incredible storyteller! Thank you for having me on 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻”

Outstanding!!!!! Love every minute.  Superb! x”


“Tammi this is seriously special. Very humbling and your questions are always full of sensitivity. Thank you x”

“I’ve been listening to your podcasts over the past few weeks. One of the highlights of my week. Great just to hear the sound of your voice, and your incredible laugh!!!”

Gripping episode Tam. The power of naming something and the relief of validation. Wow.”

Best podcast!!”


“Loving listening while walking! I’m often crying or laughing out loud forgetting I’m in public! Thank you!!!”


“It’s exactly the sort of content people need to hear right now! It’s raw and real and inspiring.”

“Love your podcast….your beautiful, wise soul pilots each episode with compassion, insight and love.”


“If you haven’t heard Fred Guttenberg  speak with Tam Faraday on her podcast  BRAVE JOURNEYS – please, please find the time to do so. Heartbreak. Inspiration. Enlightenment. Purpose. Perspective.”


“Not sure where you’ve come from Tam Faraday, but this show is just incredible!!! Every story is so unique and inspiring.  But its the rapport you have with each and every one of your guests that makes listening to each episode, truly magical.  Just wow!!!”


“If you haven’t yet started listening to the amazing and wonderful Tammi Michelle Faraday weekly podcast then you are missing out. You will laugh, you will cry… what more does anyone want in a day ??!!”


“What a gift!!! Best podcast ever!!!!”

“Well done on the success of the podcast. I listened to the last one over the weekend. Excellent👌

“I listened yesterday and could not stop for a second, parked my car and stayed in it until the end as it was so emotional and inspirational! Congratulations Tammi!”


“I just finished listening to this podcast and I am so in awe of Sabrina (Butler Smith). Hearing about the absolute horrors she’s lived through and the suffering she was forced into leaves me with no words. Sabrina, the strength you must have to be able to speak about the unspeakable is so incredibly inspiring. You are truly amazing. Thank you Tammi and Sabrina for putting something this powerful out into the world.”


“Nooo the season is over too quickly. Thank you for each and every one of the stories. Interviewed with such compassion, empathy and courage.”


“Have just listened to the first two episodes of your 3rd season with such a huge lump in my throat. Aside from their powerful & poignant stories, you are a genius at giving your guests space to share.  Tammi – YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS!!! I’m in awe.”

“Listening ‘n lovin the convo…”


“Thank you Tam. I listened and you are so good at your job. xoxo”


“Wow Tammi! I finally got a chance to listen to an episode, and you were BORN to do this!!!”


“This was the most exceptional interview I have ever heard.  Nicole’s bravery is so humbling & the way Tammi navigated her journey was unbelievably compassionate and inspired.  We need to hear these stories.”

“This podcast warms my heart. Thank you for sharing such beautiful stories amidst global discouragement.”



“This was an extraordinary conversation with Kirra Pendergast. I have shared the link far and wide! Thank you for sharing these stories.”


I absolutely love your podcast. Thank you so very much for all the hard work you put in to bring your listeners this kind of beautiful inspiration.”

“I absolutely love your podcast!! Each episode is so profound and touching. I’m a huge fan!!”

“Thank you for all your warmth, generosity and smarts! Thank you again for asking me to be part of your amazing series and journey. It was an honour.”


“Another fabulous podcast by the incredible Tammi Michelle Faraday!!”


“I look forward to Thursdays for the new episode of BRAVE JOURNEYS to drop.  Clever, inspiring and raw.  Tammi Faraday is magic.  If you haven’t listened yet, what the hell are you waiting for?”


“Loving your podcast Tammi on my walks. …Tammi I love your interview style, your rich language, and your non-judgmental, supportive approach to even the toughest of topics. I look forward to each new episode.”




I've spent the last 18 years covering stories about life from all around the world.  The one thing I've noticed in all those years and across all those stories is how unknowingly brave the everyday human is.  On my new show, BRAVE JOURNEYS™  … with TAMMI FARADAY - I have the privilege of sharing with incredible people who've found their inner brave - often in the darkest hours - and navigated life with incredible passion and purpose.

BRAVE JOURNEYS™ is a no-holds barred podcast featuring intimate conversations with remarkable people - each with colourful and complicated histories - who reflect on their journeys and share stories of bravery to which we can all laugh, cry and ultimately relate.

Everything is fair game.  Nothing is off the table.

At its heart, BRAVE JOURNEYS™ is about Vulnerability.  Transparency. Confusion.   It’s about dispensing with the curated lives that make others’ miserable… and ourselves feeling anxious and less than.  It’s about authenticity. Integrity. Flaws. Failures. Learnings.  It’s about going deep and not shying away from pain.  It’s about being good enough.  It’s about gratitude.  It’s about disappointment and heartache.   It’s about hope.  But ultimately,  BRAVE JOURNEYS™   is about showing up, dusting yourself off and getting back up again to live your best life.

If you love getting up close and personal and you’re fascinated by the human condition and what makes us (really) tick, come and find your inner brave with me.​

Listen now wherever you enjoy listening to your podcasts... and please don't forget to subscribe, share it with your friends and family, rate the the show & leave a review on Apple Podcasts.