Content is Queen

There genuinely isn’t a piece of content I haven’t produced. From TV and radio, to podcasts, video webinars and blogs.

From award winning documentaries to feature films, globally synchronised social media campaigns, websites and keynote speeches.

It may not be rocket science, but it is addictive.

Compelling content isn’t a choice for me. It’s something that has curiously (READ: with complete intentionality) traversed every one of my umpteen career iterations.

But why?

Because exceptional, innovative, disruptive, heartfelt content creation is my lifeblood; because I love people passionately and make it my business to inhale them (figuratively of course); because great stories deserve to be to be told, told well and told with the utmost respect; because Excellence isn’t an aspiration – it’s the only thing I will put my name to; because I live for putting other’s at ease; because I’m a 5 foot 7 –

OK, OK with platforms on…and yes, my platforms are ALWAYS on… and yes, in case you were wondering, my slippers are also high-heeled

– ideas factory whose brain explodes if I don’t put pen to paper or turn on my laptop and download my rapid fire ideations; because I don’t just think outside the box – I live outside the box; because I always try to lead with kindness & warmth (and yes, most definitely in that order); because the last point has nothing whatsoever to do with my creative insatiability, but simply means everything to me and is how I function on this crazy planet (and now that you’re here, I thought you should know it) and because, content IS QUEEN … and long may she reign.