I’m apparently what they call a “slashy”… but I prefer to be a “semi-colony”…

So here goes.  I’m a …

Podcaster; Broadcaster (Radio & Television); Fireside Chat Specialist; Keynote Speaker; Content Director; Investigative Journalist; TV, Radio, Feature film and Documentary Producer; Digital Storyteller; Mental Health Advocate; Board Member; Recovering Lawyer; Political Junkie & Meditator.

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“An amazing experience to be in the audience of BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE  … with TAMMI FARADAYThank you!!!”

“You are one amazing lady, Tam.  I knew  BRAVE JOURNEYS™  … with TAMMI FARADAY is the best podcast I have ever heard.  But to see you live on stage… well, that is something else.”

“I came to  BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE  … with TAMMI FARADAY  last night with Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert and I have to say your interviewing style and the way you engaged with Kylie as well as the audience completely mesmerised, is incredible. Your voice and tone is so soothing, and you’re so kind and compassionate. I imagine it’s so therapeutic for people to share their story with you especially!”

“Tam, thank you so much for spending the time to talk after your wonderful presentation at the conference a few days ago. You are an inspiration!”

“Having the privilege to attend BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE  … with TAMMI FARADAY  was like being in a live studio audience of the BEST interview show in the world… but with no commercials.  It was utterly magnificent.  Every single person in the sold out crowd was completely mesmerised, hanging on every word.”

“Dear Tammi,  I am in awe of how insightful, articulate and empathetic you are. The research you did was meticulous and your skills as an interviewer are second to none.  Thank you for giving so much of your time and expertise.”

“I LOVED every minute.”

“You were really outstanding this evening, super impressive…how fantastic are you!!!”

“Tam, this was a session that changed people’s thinking about anxiety and themselves.  You brought down barriers and made mental health an everyday problem affecting most of us (by the sea of hands).  Thank you.”

“No doubt you are well aware of what a great success last night was!  Your conversation with Dr Gilbert fascinating & very moving.  She obviously felt so comfortable with you.”

“We were excited to be part of the launch of Pacifica Congress and support their conference.  The Pacifica Congress is a not-for-profit member-based organisation helping children & their families overcome the harm caused by family conflict. The theme of the conference was “Let’s Hear it for the Kids: Challenges and the Way Forward in Family Law” which raised some fantastic and thought-provoking conversations. We were thrilled to be a sponsor of this year’s event which included BRAVE JOURNEYS™ LIVE on stage with keynote speakers Tammi M Faraday & Dr Mark Cross.”

“What a sensational evening.”

“So powerful.

“Tam & Mark (aka Dr Mark Cross, The Anxious Shrink), this was a session that changed peoples’ thinking about anxiety and themselves. You brought down barriers and made mental health an everyday problem affecting most of us (by the sea of hands)….”

“Thank you for the brilliant interview dear Tam!  You’re the best!!!  With love and appreciation, [Dr] Kylie [Moore-Gilbert], Author of The Uncaged Sky: My 804 Days in an Iranian Prison (shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year).”

“This is an amazing session this morning with Tammi M Faraday and Dr Mark Cross.”

“You were both so generous & strong in sharing your vulnerability. Thanks Tam & Mark (aka Dr Mark Cross, The Anxious Shrink)!”

“Tammi, you are phenomenal.”

“Thanks so much for sharing with us. LOVED your session.”

“Absolutely brilliant.”

Fantastic opening plenary by @tamfaraday  and @DrMCross  on understanding #anxiety, #stigma and the role of #livedexperience.

“Wow wow… last night was spectacular.”

“Not just beautiful, but ever so talented.”

“I enjoyed every minute.”