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Are you fed up with the brazen anti-Israel, anti-Jewish bias in Western media? Are you hungry for rigorous journalism & the real stories behind the headlines?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Show of Force with Tammi Faraday.

Each fortnight, we’ll bring you the most compelling conversations, with leading global thinkers, political figures, legal experts and cultural icons.

On Show of Force you can expect unfiltered, honest, unapologetically intelligent, compassionately driven conversations that cut through the noise and combat the gaslighting, misinformation & disinformation that is much of Social & Legacy Media.

Join me as we tackle pressing issues like the war on the West, the rise in antisemitism and the current global landscape that’s left so many of us feeling disoriented.

I’m your Host, Tammi Faraday and I can’t wait to welcome you to Show of Force.

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“Tam(mi), are you sure you’re not the love child of Oprah & Barbara Walters?  Enough said.  You’re pure gold!!! This is pure heaven.  I’ve been a podcast listener forever, but it simply doesn’t get better than this!!!”

“BRAVE JOURNEYS enriches my life as a human and enhances my knowledge as a therapist of others and how others navigate their lives with unfathomable challenges. Please keep podding and posting and adding more value & light to our society.”

“Each time I listen to one of your podcasts, I’m blown away by your professional, yet direct way of questioning your guests, where you get incredible responses which come from their core… Thank you for your research and for finding such profound content to present.”