“I cannot begin to tell you how helpful and insightful the podcast was when you spoke to Hillary Whittington (Season 5) about Raising Ryland.  I am a psychologist who has the privilege of working with a diverse group of people. In particular I work with people in the transgender community. The pod really resonated with me as I’m working with a particular family in supporting their child in his transition and the pain that comes with this journey is unimaginable for his parents. Hillary’s story gave me so much insight and a totally other perspective of what it is like to be in so many parents shoes in a similar situation. BRAVE JOURNEYS enriches my life as a human and enhances my knowledge as a therapist of others and how others navigate their lives with unfathomable challenges. Please keep podding and posting and adding more value & light to our society.” #❤️youbravejourneys

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