“I felt compelled to write this message because the work that you do needs to be recognised! You are a person blessed with empathy, compassion and a genuine desire to change lives for the better.  I have been collecting my thoughts on your podcast with Isabelle Oderberg.  I find reading about and listening to other people’s experiences an avenue that allows my grief to find it’s voice and be recognised which is why I found the episode so cathartic. I cried and smiled and felt so recognised!  You spoke about the depth of pain that people’s comments can cause, your resolution to never ask questions and had clear genuine compassion for the millions of us out there who have experienced very real but disenfranchised grief. You also showed an authentic realisation of quite how private these journeys can be and why respecting that is so important.  But what will stay in my heart and soul forever are your words about misplaced comments from those who don’t know what to say and whilst they don’t mean harm can leave scars. I have never heard it understood this way even by the most qualified of mental health professionals.  I will be forever grateful to you. Sending bucket loads of love!

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