“I felt compelled to write this message because the work that you do needs to be recognised! You are a person blessed with empathy, compassion and a genuine desire to change lives for the better.  I have been collecting my thoughts on your podcast with Isabelle Oderberg.  I find reading about and listening to other people’s […]

“Tammi Faraday is consistently phenomenally well prepared to help the guest share not just their story but the insights that they have drawn from often quite challenging situations and experiences. For me, this is by far the most helpful and meaningful podcast I am listening to as I work through my own life challenges. I […]

Susie Remocker # 2

“You need to know how much an impact BRAVE JOURNEYS is having.  I have a very dear friend who is going through an awful divorce from a cheating husband.  Your episode with Jen Waite (Season 3)  sounded EXACTLY like her story, so I shared it with her, as I wanted her to know she’s not […]

Susie Remocker

“WOW!!!  I just listened to your podcast episode with Jeff Schoep (Season 5).  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Once again, your insight and ability to connect with others is astounding.  I am loving the series.”

“It was an incredible honor to share my story Radical to Redemption with Tammi M Faraday of BRAVE JOURNEYS. It is my sincere hope that anyone who is struggling on life’s journey may find hope, strength, or inspiration from listening to our meaningful conversation.  I highly recommend adding Brave Journeys Podcast to your listening favorites.  […]

“The world needs more empathy, compassion, dialogue, and understanding. Your program is the tip of the spear, on the frontlines tackling difficult conversations. Its truly meaningful to have been a guest on BRAVE JOURNEYS and a blessing our paths have crossed my new friend. I look forward to joining you on that stage somewhere around […]


“Tammi Faraday creates such a safe, comfortable space with empathy, insight and humour. One can’t help but love the natural way she draws out those who share their stories with such gentle care. I’ve learned so much from these BRAVE JOURNEYS interviews and look forward to more. Season 5 is already proving to be 5 […]

Hillary Whittington

“I am listening now and I am crying all over again! I cannot thank you enough… you are an incredible host, extremely insightful and a wonderful human. You inspire me so much!!” Hillary Whittington – Raising Ryland (Season 5)  


“Thank you Tam for being such a warm and inclusive, precious human being.“ Annie Whitlocke – The Death Doula (Season 5)