“What an interview! Wow! Superb! You are magnificent! She (Gretchen Carlson) is amazing!”

Professor Jessica Stern

“Dear Tam – Thank you for being such a serious interviewer.” Professor Jessica Stern – Research Professor, Pardee School of Global Studies, BU, Senior Fellow Harvard School of Public Health (Season 5)

Jeff Schoep

“Thank you Tam so much for your kindness, compassion and being so understanding.  Your outlook on life and your mission of BRAVE JOURNEYS speaks for itself. Truly honoured to connect with you … I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you to even have a conversation with someone who used to […]

Annie Whitlocke

“When Tam asked me to do this podcast in 2022, I felt a bit anxious. “Oh goodness what will she ask me?”   “What if I don’t have the best response?”  Tam assured me it would just be an easy going conversation. She was right … Tam smoothly guided me with her professional & warm manner. […]

“Your interviews are just so incredibly special.  The empathy, trust, warmth & love you brings puts everyone at ease.  It’s truly inspiring seeing you do what you so clearly love.”